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When planning a trip to Laos, the question often arises when it is best to travel to Laos: Should you visit Laos during the rainy season? When planning your trip to Laos, determining the "best time" to visit should be your top priority.

Of course, it is obvious that a trip to Laos during the rainy season means that your plans are interrupted by rain. If you have a tight schedule, however, a trip to Cambodia or other parts of Southeast Asia during the summer months may not be the best option. If you are not willing to pass the time and are flexible with your travel plans, there are many reasons to visit Laos before or after the rainy season. For those who travel exclusively to Thailand to participate in trekking and water activities, visiting Laos in the rainy season may be a good option, but if you have tight schedules, a trip outside the rainy season may be a better option for you.

The rainy months are usually August and September, which is the last period of the monsoon, with typhoons bringing additional rainfall (see below). The sky is often cloudy and torrential rain can sometimes make travel difficult. During the rainy season, the heat can become muggy in the mid to late summer months, and after brief periods of good weather lasting a few days, the heat returns to intense warmth.

This is because temperatures are lower in the cooler, drier periods, which is by far the most popular time to travel in Laos.

Depending on where you spend most of your time in Laos and how you plan your trip, you can plan your trip. Most of the best destinations in Laos are in November and January, but if you are travelling to Laos in the rainy season or dry season, be sure that it is always a good time to visit Laos. The coolest part of the dry season is from mid-November to the end of December, and the driest part is from the end of January to the beginning of February. If you have avoided the extremes, the cool, dry off-season will allow you to visit all the sights of Laos in the best possible conditions, making it an ideal time to visit Laos, even if it is only for a few days.

The rainy season is the hottest of the year, but the period is still dry, with thunderstorms in the afternoon. The summer months are less hot, with the highest temperatures, and the temperatures do not feel as hot given the humidity, but the periods without rain are even hotter than this year.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Vientiane, the hottest months are April, May and then June. If it is supposed to be dry, it is December, January, then February, but snow is not expected in Vientsiane these months.

Temperatures in Vientiane range from 76 ° F to 94 ° F, but humid conditions are more likely in July, August, September, October, November, December, February and March.

In general, the higher you rise, the milder the climate, but it also gets rainier, and in fact the first showers before the monsoon are more frequent in the plains. Further north, in Luang Prabang, there is a tendency to lower rainfall, but if you live in Laos, you can expect rain in the summer months. The months of December and January are the ones that tourists talk about during the high season in Laos. When the days are clear, it can rain in Vientiane and other parts of the country during this time. During monsoon rains and periods of abundant rain, no rain is generally expected.

The dry season in Laos usually lasts from October to April, but the monsoon lasts the dry months of May, June, July, August, September, October and November. It is also dominated by the summer monsoons, which bring rain and high humidity from May to early October, and good weather with a little cooling at night from November to February. The dry seasons in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and other parts of the country are determined by the winter months in Laos, which bring the best weather in November and February and a little more rain in spring and summer.

Annual monsoon rains are becoming increasingly difficult to predict in Asia, possibly as a result of global warming. In many areas of Laos, the weather is characterized by heavy downpours for a few hours a day, and in November, typhoons and tropical storms can still hit the country. The rainy season in Laos means a lot of rain from October to November and a little more rain in December and January. In some mountain regions, however, it can be as cold as -5 degrees Celsius at times, but milder weather is also possible in the winter months, such as snow and rain.

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